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6 ways to engage millenials for your creative business success

6 Ways to Engage Millennials for your Creative Business Success

Millennials (those born between 1980-2000) have finally come into their own. During 2017-18, they will outspend the Baby Boomers and by 2020, they will become the largest population group comprising 75% of the workforce. Although much maligned, millennials are truly a unique generation that demonstrate markedly different lifestyle characteristics to their predecessors. Understanding and responding to these differences could be a huge asset to your creative business. Whilst the significant purchasing power of the Boomers shouldn’t be ignored, winning Millennials…

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Definition of Vision

5 Reasons why having a vision is essential for your creative business success

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Before I dive into why having a vision is essential for your creative business success, let us take a moment to understand what having a vision actually means. Having a vision is more about feeling than thinking. It’s the distilled version of your wish list and your dreams. It’s all about the future, and how you want to impact it. It’s focused and, most of all, inspiring. In short, it’s WHY you do what you…

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