Why caring about what others think is toxic thinking

Why caring about what others think is toxic!

We are all subject to what others think. The whole world has an opinion about everything; the question is how you deal with it when it’s directed at you.  This has been a major issue for me personally in the past. You may have noticed that, contrary to all the ‘how to write and manage a blog’ opinions, I commit the biggest sin of not posting on a particularly regular schedule. I wrangled with this one for a quite a…

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Failing willpower? Get your bodyguard brain on board

Willpower? Get your bodyguard brain on board

Do you struggle with failing willpower to get certain tasks done? Whether it’s making those calls you don’t want to make, the bookkeeping (my personal bugbear), emails, whatever. Creatives notoriously struggle with tasks essential to keeping a business/career on track for a variety of reasons. Often times the tasks are just plain boring, but sometimes there is a lot more psychology behind it. Fears of failure or rejection, anxiety about doing something outside your comfort zone, and, yes, even a…

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